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Doctors and Adoptive Families: Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with your child’s physician

October 6, 2010

A brief (and thankfully resolved) medical emergency with my son last week has reminded me how very important it is for all parents to have a strong working relationship with their child’s doctor.  It also reminded me of how difficult it can be for adoptive parents  to find a doctor who is not only a good match for their family but also someone with  knowledge of the unique medical needs sometimes presented by children who have spent time in less than optimal care.  Here are some things to consider when looking for and working with your child’s doctor. (more…)


Back to School for Adoptive Families

August 20, 2010

It’s back to school week at my house!  I look at the beginning of school from the eyes of both teacher and parent and then to add a little twist I also know what it is like to have to advocate for a child with special needs, to  educate teachers on inclusive adoption language, and to evaluate reading programs.    I feel sorry for the teachers my children  get because I have VERY high expectations.    OK—I don’t really feel sorry for them.    Although I’ve felt like a burden  at times I’ve always been aware that I am the primary advocate for all my children and I have enjoyed many wonderful relationships with their teachers over the years.

All kidding aside this time of year can be stressful for adoptive families.  Besides just getting to know a new teacher they also  often have specific needs that require explanation and guidance in order to be successful in the classroom.  Having sat in both the teacher chair and the parent chair over the years I decided to  try my hand at a quick guide for parents on talking to their child’s teacher about adoption and special classroom needs.  You can download a pdf of the article here.  I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your feedback.

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“EASE” into Parent Planning Step 2

April 6, 2010

One of the things that my husband and I did early on in our parenting experience (16 years ago) was attend a seminar put on by parents of post institutionalized children and the professional community that serves them.  We actually did it on a whim, or maybe I should say a gut feeling.

At the time, we were just becoming adjusted to life on one income instead of two.  We had just adopted our then 6 year old daughter from an orphanage in Russia, and I had just left my teaching job to stay home with her.  Flying off for a weekend stay in a hotel and paying fees to attend a seminar were not easy choices, and yet I was hungry to educate myself about how my child’s beginning in life might be affecting her. (more…)


February 18, 2010

It’s interesting how everyday life gives us little reminders of what we believe about child development and parenting. For Katie this week it was a trip through the Barnes and Noble check out line. For me it was sitting in my mom’s hospital room yesterday after her knee surgery and chatting with her roommate. (more…)

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