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Making a Parent Plan

March 25, 2010

I’ve been thinking a lot about planning lately.   We plan a lot of things in our lives.  Here are a few that have been on my mind just over the past couple of weeks:

  • Planning high school courses for my oldest child who will be a freshman next year.  They encourage not just planning for high school, but for after high school and to start planning now!
  • Strategic planning for Heart of the Matter Seminars–I have to say that this isn’t something I would normally be all into, but  I attended a really great workshop on this topic at the Joint Council on International Children’s Services conference last week that motivated me.
  • Planning meals–blah!  One of my least favorite chores, but better than going to the store every night.
  • Planning by the calendar… isn’t it amazing how quickly the weeks and weekends fill up?
  • Planning my garden and flower beds.

About a dozen years ago, when Julie and I were in the beginning stages of Heart of the Matter Seminars, she wanted to be sure to talk about making a plan regarding how you intend to parent.  Honestly, my initial reaction (being “the Science Girl”) was to go yeah, yeah, nice touchy feely stuff, but let’s really talk about the issues and what to do about them.   However, I soon came to realize how right she really was about how important making a parenting plan is.

Our Because They Waited system helps parents make a parenting plan that is based on research and science.  Just like strategic planning for business, it is less about specific techniques or how to get something done, but really deciding where you want to go and then choosing how you are going to get there.   Here’s an example: (more…)


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