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Teachable Moments

March 29, 2010

HALF of the eggs were boiled.

Okay, I admit that it’s a little weird for the social worker (me!) to be writing on this topic instead of Julie (who is a “real” teacher) but in some ways it makes even better sense because if I can do this, anyone can!  Of course, I am the daughter of a kindergarten teacher and Julie and I have worked together for something like 14 years now, so I’ve probably absorbed a lot of good stuff by osmosis.

Anyway, O. and I were in the process of dyeing Easter eggs this weekend and all of a sudden I realized that I needed to grab my camera and take some shots to try to illustrate how easy it can be to teach in the course of everyday parenting.  It started something like this:

Mom:  Let’s boil half of these eggs.
O.  How many is half?
Mom:  Oh, well, find the middle and make an invisible line.  (shows her) This is one half and this is the other.
We go on to count 9 spaces where she took the eggs out and 9 eggs still left in the carton. (more…)

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