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More on “Cry it Out” and Doctors Giving Parenting Advice

December 13, 2010

This weekend, while Christmas shopping,  I overheard a young mother’s cell phone conversation.  As she talked this mom was pushing a darling little boy in a stroller.  The cutie looked to be about 8 or 9  months old.  He had a giant smile that caught my attention immediately.   I keyed into the Mom’s side of the phone conversation because I thought she was so cute too.   She was gushing about all the amazing things her baby was able to do, bragging on him quite shamelessly (probably to a close friend or relative on the other end of the phone).  It warmed my heart to hear her revel in the miracle of her child and I smiled to myself and started to move on.

But just before I exited the aisle I heard her say, ”But now the bad news….we just saw the pediatrician yesterday and he says we’re not going to grow out of this sleeping problem.   He said it was time to let him cry it out so I did it for the first time today for his nap.  He cried for about 35 minutes.  It was horrible but I survived.” (more…)


Sleep Question

February 1, 2010

We recently received an email from a mom asking questions about sleep issues and thought others might be interested  as well.  Since Katie is currently sleep deprived from parenting a not yet transitioned 4 year old at night I refused to let her answer.  LOL!

You can read below an excerpt from the mom’s email and my response.  We’d love to hear from others too!


We adopted my son (now, we think, almost two and a half) and his biological sister (now five) from Ethiopia (more…)

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