British Struggling with Transracial Adoption Issues


I just read a really interesting article about transracial adoptions (or rather, the policy against transracial adoptions) in the British foster care system.   What do you think?

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One Response to “British Struggling with Transracial Adoption Issues”

  1. Camie Stamper Says:

    Clearly, the people making these decisions have not adopted…a child of any race. When my daughter wakes up each morning saying, “I love you Mommy” first thought is never..Oh, she’s Chinese! We are a family, loving, nurturing and preparing our children for life regardless of race. In a perfect world, would I love it if she could have been raised by loving Chinese parents…of course. Can I imagine my world without her now….NEVER! So sad children can’t be in families where they are loved and cared for. The people making these decisions clearly have no idea we DON’T live in a perfect world!!!!! Every child deserves to live with a family who loves them!

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