Amazing Brains!


I watched a story on Nightline last night that talked about individuals who have healed from traumatic brain injuries. (video is here and a text summary is here)   While this piece was spurred by the Tuscon tragedy and Rep. Giffords’ injuries, its main focus was really on our brains’ incredible capacity to heal and re-work itself after injuries.

I found the topic to be incredibly hopeful for those of us parenting or working with kids who had less than optimal experiences early in life.  In Because They Waited we talk about the neurological consequences of neglect, deprivation, chaos or abuse early in life.  We also spend a great deal of time talking about how to really put the “use it or lose it” concept into practice in our every day life.

Those of you who have completed Because They Waited will likely find the Nightline piece encouraging and a boost to your own efforts to promote positive brain development through your everyday life.  If you haven’t yet completed Because They Waited, I’d encourage you to use it to learn more about brain development and children who have spent time in less than optimal care before entering their homes.


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