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Holiday Gift Giving Ideas For Adoptive Families: Julie and Katie’s Top 10

November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday has us thinking about shopping so we thought we’d share some favorite holiday gift ideas for adoptive families.   Here is the “top 10 list” that Katie and I generated this morning.  It’s not comprehensive but we think these are all worthy and purposeful gifts.  And hey, these are not only great ideas  for the family parenting the child who waited, but also for all families interested in promoting attachment and optimizing  brain development.

#1:  Double Sized Blanket for Cuddling–   Cuddling is not just good for your baby but also your toddler, (more…)


National Adoption Month 2010 Celebrate and Advocate!

November 12, 2010

National Adoption Month is more than just celebrating–it’s about advocating!

Please take a moment to check out
Joint Council on International Children’s Services’ blog at A great resource anytime, it is especially poignant this month as each day features an adoption success story, a system failure and a suggested task.

Secondly, we want to help you be the best possible parent you can be by offering free education this month.  Just become our fan on our Facebook page today or tomorrow (November 12th and 13th) to have a chance to win.  Additionally, any purchase made this month qualifies you to win, too.

And finally, if you haven’t yet viewed my recent post Keep International Adoption an Option please take a moment to do so.  Its focus is on a very special group of children for whom the opportunity for a family was taken away when international adoption was denied as an option.

Heart of the Matter Seminars

Disciplining for More than Just Behavior

November 5, 2010
Time In

Time In Builds Brains!

I just wanted to share an article titled “Discipline and Your Child Adopted as a Toddler or Preschooler” by Laura Willard.  It dovetails nicely with last night’s webinar on “A Different Kind of Discipline” where we spent an hour and a half focusing on Time In.

Heart of the Matter Seminars

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