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I just responded to an email that came to our general mailbox.  It brings up some great points about education vs. training vs. dispensing information:

I’m interested in purchasing the Because They Waited course.   My husband and I are adoptive parents;  our daughter (adopted from Ethiopia) joined our family last September at the age of 7 months.   We were careful to follow the attachment guidelines we’d read about and our daughter appears to have adjusted well and to be attaching well.  We know we need to be intentional in our parenting –  and not just for the first few months home.  From what I’ve seen of your course, we feel it would offer important info for us for the present and for future parenting situations.  Is that an accurate statement?  Or is it a little more geared to the first few months home?  At this point in time, we’re dealing with situations such as transitioning to a babysitter or deciding whether to leave her in a church nursery.   In some ways, this “gray area” of not newly home is a bit trickier than our decisions were initially.  We’re looking for some guidelines and frame of reference for these types of situations.    If we have questions about the course content after we’ve watched the series , is there a way to ask questions via email or phone?

My response to her:

Mary Michele asked me to respond to your email.  I think you’ve made a great point about the “grey” area (not really transitioning, but not really quite all the way “there”).  Because They Waited absolutely will help with those types of questions and parenting decisions.  It lays a framework of information and some core parenting principles based on that research/science that we hope parents will refer back to again and again throughout the years.

Because They Waited doesn’t give you “the answers” (wish it were that easy!) because parenting responses change depending on the age, the state, how long home, what’s going on and that sort of thing.  However, we believe that having a foundation and some core principles is what allows parents to be effective in the long term, not just the first weeks or months home.  Ideally, the shorter pieces (like the Managing Your Child’s Bid for Power) would be done after Because They Waited because although they can certainly stand alone and be of great use, they are even more useful when they build on the foundation gained through Because They Waited.

Finally, Because They Waited is meant to educate.  It is not training (that teaches someone a specific skill, like “don’t leave them in the church nursery”) and it’s not just dispensing information.  It’s meant to go beyond both training and informing and to actually educate parents—to give you the knowledge and tools to be able to really understand the why’s and then apply the knowledge and tools to the sorts of grey areas you’ve mentioned.

And yes, we’re happy to try and answer questions about the programming after you’ve watched.

Best wishes!


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