Handwriting, Child Development & Less Than Optimal Beginnings


I recently caught a short story on our local news about the program, Handwriting Without Tears, becoming more widely used in public school systems.  I was too late in finding a link to the original video I saw, but I did find a link to a written article online here.

I first heard about Handwriting Without Tears about 10 years ago through Children’s Therapy Group here in Kansas City.  They provided a summer class for children using this program.   Now, it’s being used with the general population in public schools.  I find this fascinating because it is a real-life example of what we at Heart of the Matter have always believed–that parenting or caring for children mildly or moderately affected by less than optimal care in the beginnings of their life is oftentimes just a more purposeful, more intense, more lengthy and more conscious form of overall “good parenting”.  This is not to say that our children aren’t affected… just that their bodies, hearts and minds are responding to less than optimal care as anyone would.  And, by the same token, positive, healthy development and growth is achieved through more repetitions of experiences that kids in optimal or even “good enough” environments receive without as much forethought by parents.

Positive, nurturing, respectful, sensory rich, reciprocal experiences are good for anyone and everyone!  Kids who have had less than optimal care need them even more.  Sounds simple on the surface, but here is where parents are called to be “more conscious and more purposeful“.   We believe that the first step to being more conscious and purposeful is to understand not only what to do, but why and along with that, how to apply it to your individual child and their own needs.

Our next two webinars, Sensory Integration at Home and Do Overs: The Gift of Reparenting are designed to help parents gain some of the what to do’s, why to do it and how to apply it.   There’s no one answer, but there is a core foundation that make sense for everyone.

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