Valuable Resource on Brain Development


I  stumbled onto a great brain development resource and I’m so excited to share it!

Those of you who have completed the Because They Waited™ system for adoptive parents and professionals know how important we believe it is for all parents (but especially foster care and adoptive parents) to have an understanding of brain development and to learn ways to positively impact a child’s brain development.

We’re always telling parents that “brain development is not rocket science” and trying to get them to understand the everyday simple things that they can do to optimize their child’s experiences in terms of brain development.

Well I’ve found someone who shares our passion!  Deborah  McNelis is the creator/owner of braininsights® and also the author of a great blog that gives daily brain facts with the hope of educating and inspiring parents about brain development.  I love how much you can learn and how many great ideas you can get by simply reading these daily facts.

Check it out!

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