Re-Parenting Thoughts


I intended to post a follow up from Monday’s  webinar much sooner, but O.’s germs caught up with me and I succumbed to “the crud” that afternoon and all week long.  Anyway, it did give me time to think about one of the examples we didn’t have time to discuss:  re-parenting during times of illness.

We all get sick once in awhile and many children being adopted internationally have special medical needs.  Although no one wants their child to be sick, it is one of those negatives that can be used for good in that it gives parents an opportunity to re-parent even a child who typically may be hyper-independent or rebuffing.

One of Monday’s participants asked about re-parenting a newly adopted 12 year old and sickness would be a perfect example of an opportunity for re-parenting in a natural, dignified, child focused way.  I can picture mom or dad making her a “nest” of special covers and pillows on the couch, tucking her in, bringing her special food, feeling her forehead, rubbing her back and in general just being very nurturing, attuning and close.

What other ideas do you have for re-parenting an older child?

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